Results: what kinds of results to you guarantee?
Posted by Support Admin on 19 August 2015 08:58 PM

Our mission is to get you to the top of the search engine rankings through white hat (legitimate) marketing methods.

We absolutely guarantee that you will get traffic and the highest search engine rankings possible, and we believe that we can help you get better marketing results than anyone else.

We also guarantee that you will be impressed with our website designs and any other work we conduct on your behalf.

Having said that, understand that anyone who makes a blanket guarantee that you will achieve the #1 search engine ranking within a few months for absolutely any or every keyword phrase is both a liar and a fraud. That kind of stuff is not ethical and it is fraudulent on the part of the person making those claims. Any bona-fide advertising agency in the marketing space knows this.

If you think rationally about it, the reasons why are obvious: some markets are far more competitive than others. Conversely, some markets are far less competitive than others.

For example, if you were competing for the keyword camera, the likelihood of you achieving a #1 Spot on Google in the next 2-3 months is next to non-existent unless your domain is an older one that has been indexed and optimized for that keyword for a number of years + you will need to have a huge amount of relevant off page content that has been properly and sequentially optimized and released online on a consistent basis.

Could you get there in time? Yes, with the right marketing commitment and some savvy marketing. But it will not happen overnight, nor even within a 2-3 month period in an extremely competitive niche.

Remember, the length of time required to reach the top pages for such competitive niches is considerable. That’s why we focus on intelligent on-page and off-page marketing approaches that are content driven in the organic search results.

For less completive keyword phrases, it is possible to generate 1st page rankings very quickly in certain cases, but each scenario is unique and different.

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