Logos: can we use our existing logo on our new website?
Posted by Support Admin on 19 August 2015 08:42 PM

Yes, you likely can, but you want to make it congruent and blend in with the final website theme you select. Be sure to speak to us about that because we’ll have to take that into consideration.

If we can use it, be sure you have any and all camera ready artwork available that came along with your logo. We will require the necessary files from you if you wish us to work with an existing logo. Please also include your existing logo on a transparent background, and give us copies in the following formats if they are available:

  • Jpeg
  • PNG
  • Gif
  • Vector (.EPS)

If you have any questions, please talk to us and we will help you out.

Marketing: will you work with my nephew, or a 3rd party I select for my marketing?

Thank you for asking, but the answer is “no” to your nephew (and any other 3rd party), unless they have a specialty and demonstrate that they have proven experience with something such as site design. And by saying YES, we mean that they can have input only in the course of your marketing. Of course, we must agree to work with them.

In the event you wish us to work with another advertising agency, you will need to discuss that with us. We’re not saying NO, but neither you nor we want anything that constrains our marketing ability to generate results for your business. Neither do we want to encounter anything that adversely affects the organic SEO or other off-page or on-page strategies and optimization strategies for your website.

It’s really difficult to have two entities looking after the organic SEO that we are committing to for your business. We’re always open to sitting down and discussing client concerns with 3rd parties, but if we feel that it would impede our ability to execute effective marketing on your behalf, we would sooner walk away than deal with the headache of a botched marketing campaign.

Our preference is to work with one key person: either you yourself, or a person whom you designate as your marketing spokesperson who has the authority to make decisions on your behalf.

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